Terms & Conditions

In this regard, many Indian Nationals who had travelled to different countries before the lockdown, on various purposes such as employment, studies/ internships, tourism, business etc., are stranded aboard. Inward Movement to Punjab of those interested is being facilitated by the government.

Therefore, following points may be read very carefully.

  • 1. All the travellers are required to download “COVA App”. It’s mandatory.
  • 2. All the travellers visiting to the Punjab from overseas countries shall be kept under institutional quarantine for a minimum period of 14 days as per the govt instructions/protocol.
  • 3. This portal has been developed to facilitate booking of accommodation at Hotel.
  • 4. Travellers are advised to check the quality of hotel, amenities, facilities and other details at own level.
  • 5. Travellers have to bear all the expenses on their own. If anyone is not interested in paying charges for hotel , he/they will be quarantined at the facilities set up by district administration.
  • 6. Hotel management reserves the rights for cancellation/refund.
  • 7. In case of non-availability of rooms in a particular hotel, same will be provided in some other available hotel.
  • 8. Please see Detailed SoP
  • 9. Other Terms & Conditions
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