Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Punjab Covid19 Portal for Traveller Registration. This online platform has been prepared for the purpose of registration for all those who wants to return back to Punjab, after lockdown restrictions are lifted. It is mandatory for all those, who are travelling to Punjab, to register themselves in this portal.

Please carefully read the terms and conditions given below, and fill up the registration forms as per the instructions given.

  • Registration on this portal, will help Government to reach out to you and plan for your travel back to Punjab.
  • Along with your details, you are also required to correctly provide information of your local contact person including their mobile number so that the authorities can get in touch with them as well.
  • Please fill out all the fields with utmost correctness. Strict action will be taken against those, who are filling out incorrect details in this portal.
  • Kindly note that all travellers along with the accompanying family members will have to go through and follow the rules of quarantine as perscribed by health department.
  • We will be sending you important information on the contact number that you provide here, along with or your local contact details. So, please double check the mobile number before registering them.
  • The aforementioned instructions are in addition to the travel restrictions/advisories already issued and those under implementation. These are certain policies set in place to restrict the spread of COVID-19, and are subject to review by the Government. These instructions are to necessarily complied by all, using this portal for registration purpose.
  • By accessing this ONLINE PLATFORM, and clicking on 'ACCEPT' you acknowledge that you AGREE to be bound to our terms and that you accept the terms outlined in this Privacy Policy. You hereby consent that we will collect, use, and share your information in the ways described in this policy.
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In case of any problem in portal, please email at complaint.covidpb@gmail.com